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The Shiznit Show-169 Look Ma No Hands
August 04, 2018 Dino Red
This week's topics include A Wisconsin Man Had His Legs and Hands Amputated After a Lick From a Dog Florida man with no arms charged with stabbing a man with scissors Arkansas woman shoots, kills husband over porn Hulu kind of sucks Facebook has joined the club Sacred Lies Facebook Watch Octavia, Bron and Netflix team up for Limited Series 12 years later HBO has GreenLit 'Deadwood' movie Power Snowfall Cardi B CXL on Brunos Tour Lamar Odom Playing in China and writing a tell-all book Oprah Winfrey's 'favorite date night' Dejong’s DDD #QoTW What is the most exotic/weird/strange food you have ever eaten? EMail VM (424) 261-4878 Twitter @TheShiznitShow @PipLilly @ Miss_DeJong Donations
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