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The Shiznit Show-152 Lobsters and Waffles
April 07, 2018 Dino Red
McDonald’s Employee Fired For Putting His Mixtapes In Happy Meals Red Lobster Is Debuting Lobster and Waffles In N Out has a new burger FINALLY!!! Two Gardena police officers charged with illegally selling guns The Prison Bae Has hit the lottery AGAIN! Blac Chyna Confirms She’s Dating 18-Year-Old Rapper Almighty Jay Braxton family gossip, Tamar beefing with fam Traci kicked of tour with Toni and Tamar…. Stacey Dash withdraws from congressional race The incredible 999 call of someone giving birth - who didn't know they were pregnant Absentee fathers at fault for school shootings KJHQ Would you rather your spouse have terminal cancer or they cheated on you? Mail EMail, VM (424) 261-4878 Twitter @TheShiznitShow @PipLilly @ Miss_DeJong Please give us a review. For Donations
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