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HoopLA -31 The Black Guy Who Tips
December 13, 2014 Dino Red
The Hoopla crew is joined by Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast. We discuss TBGWT, Balls Deep Sports,Real House Husbands, and wait, Michael Jackson? We also discuss the Charlotte Hornets, The top 10 most hated players in the NBA, The most hated players of yesteryear, The Lakers, Kobe, The Lakers, The Lakers, Kobe, and the Lakers. Follow Rod on Twitter at @rodimusprime and @tbgwt. Their website is On Facebook under Rod TBGWT, and find The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or watch live on Spreecast. Hit up Hoopla on Facebook under Hoopla, Follow Spiritt on Facebook under Spiritt Gee. We're on Twitter at @thehooplashow, email us at Leave a voice mail at (424) 261-4878.
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